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About Me

So who is this chick anyway?
What is it about us creative types?  We can go on and on about something we've created, but when asked about ourselves we suddenly clam up.  Well, I'm no different, so bear with me.

After completing college with an English degree and the help of my wonderful husband, I turned to teaching.  But teaching isn't what it used to be and certainly wasn't what it was in Anne of Avonlea. Into my third year, I was starting to have second thoughts about my chosen career and if I was really meant to be a teacher in today's No Child Left Behind society.

Then my mother passed away right after we moved to another state.  It made the decision easy.  I wasn't in a mindset to really do anything, and it would have taken more money than I had to get my new teaching certificate.  So with the help of said husband, I started this blog to give myself a boost.  And I started writing again.

Where will I go from here?  Who knows, but I know now that one way or another I'll see my name in print (even if it's in the local blotter sheet for a caffeine induced crime spree.)

What's with the handle Witless Exposition and the blog name Cerebral Lunchbox?
In all honesty, I started creating crazy pairings of adjectives and nouns.  When I came up with Witless Exposition, it struck home.  I tend to ramble a bit when I get started on a topic I like, often giving a lot more information than the listener wants.  I will also answer to Jessica Cassell,  which while my legal name, doesn't quite have the same zing.

As for the blog name, I like to think of my blog as interesting (and hopefully thoughtful) snack sized pieces of information.  And as my tag-line says: Every journey needs a snack.

Contact Info
If you need to get in touch with me you can find me through:
E-mail: timesaved(at)gmail(dot)com
Twitter: CerebralLunch
NaNoWriMo: Witless Exposition 

Awards and Achievements

The Powerful Woman Writer Award given by Deidre Eden-Coppel

The Stylish Blogger Award given by LadyJai and E.C. Smith

The Versatile Blogger Award given by Tabitha V

 NaNoWriMo Winner 2010
Script Frenzy Winner 2010
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