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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gearing up

Reasons to join Script Frenzy
  1. It forces you to write to a deadline.
  2. Broadens your comfort zone.
  3. You might be good at it.
  4. I'll have a writing buddy I actually know. :)
So I'm stuck on outlining the final act for my play (which is still title-less).  I know where I'm headed, just not the specific path.  It's only 8 more days, so I'm hoping I can get it worked out by then.

I'll probably be posting frantic "What do I do now!!!?!?!??!?" questions here once I get underway.

I'm sending on the concert piece to Splinter Generation.  We'll see if they like it or not.  Anyone know of any other music themed e-zines out there in case it doesn't work out?

PS:  My friend Jamie Council has started up her own blog.  She's a single mom that's revamping her life and figuring out what it is she wants.  Check her out on Finding Bliss in a Life More or Less Ordinary


Witless Exposition said...

Ahh! Just sent the e-mail. Keep your fingers crossed.

Jamie Council said...

How sweet that you included ME in your post today. Thanks man!!

Witless Exposition said...

My pleasure! Really proud of you for putting it out there. :)

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