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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wannabe Writer Wednesday--#1

I can't remember exactly how it happened (I think it was tracing through links and blogs from Script Frenzy today), but I came across a cool idea I'm going to start doing every Wednesday.  It's brought to you by Confessions of the Un-Published, Wannabe Writers.

You basically just answer questions about your journey as an author and check out other people's ideas, too.  Most people do it on Saturday, but since I like alliteration so much (and things in three's, so this is a double win), I present to you:

(cue dramatic music)
Wannabe Writer Wednesday!

Where I am in the writing process: I've been writing for years (I remember writing some really terrible vampire fiction in junior high), but never really took it seriously.  I took some creative writing classes in college and got a lot of positive feedback.  But, I'm cursed with what my Dad and I call fraud syndrome.  It's the idea that I'm really a hack, and one day everyone will find out and laugh at me.  (Think of it as an internal version of Carrie's mom). For the first time in my life, I'm really taking writing seriously and pushing myself.  I'm working on beefing up my portfolio on Associated Content and have 31 pages of my screenplay for Script Frenzy done.  I've also submitted a few short pieces to random places.

My Current Problems: I have a problem with getting stuck.  I can write 5-10+ pages in no time, but then I hit a roadblock and am stuck for days.  I think in part because of my experience in my c.w. workshop-style classes, I need to talk out the issues with someone and get feedback.

Question this Week: How do you stay motivated?  Hmm...right now, it's through the encouragement of my friends and family.  In the past, my husband was really the only one that knew if I was writing anything.  But now, I'm forcing myself to open up to others.  I've been pleasantly surprised so far. It's also been really great getting my couple of articles published on Associated Content.  That's a real morale booster.

Check out my other WWW here:


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Have you added on my blog roll. Good luck with your script writing. I thing that's a fantastic challenge.

Witless Exposition said...

Thanks! Talk about challenge, your novel experiment really has me intrigued. I'm really impressed with the idea of writing 1,000+ words a day!

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