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Friday, July 2, 2010

Wannabe Writer #23

It's that time again!  Check out the origin of the meme here.

Where I am in the writing process:
I'm focusing more on accepting the fact that I am a writer.  My posting for Bloggerstock this month really made me think about how I see myself.  I'm coming to terms that I need to look at writing as my career and not just a hobby.

My current problem:
Making myself read my old work.  I've decided to expand on a story based on Lilith mythology.  I think I have the bones of a really good story there that I could even turn into a series with some tweaks.  But before I do that, I wanted to read what I had, kind of use it as an outline and go from there.  Going back and re-reading, I realize how awful my writing was!  It's full of cliches, telling instead of showing, and ridiculous deus ex machina (literally in my case).  I can actually only read a few pages and then have to give it a rest.

This week's question:
I signed up for Sarah's 50k in 50 days, and it starts in less than two weeks.  I want to have all my planning done before it starts so I can actually focus on writing.  So, how much planning should I put into it?  I'm starting to get the basic outline in my head, but should I also focus on doing character sketches?  Or should I focus on smaller projects before the starting gun goes off?

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