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Monday, September 6, 2010

Trying to get my act into shape

So if you haven't noticed, I've been a bit absent from the bloggersphere lately.  I'm trying to remedy that, and I thought I might ask for some ideas.

I'm thinking about doing a theme for every day, that way if I don't have something to write about, I can have something to fall back on.  Here's my thoughts so far:

Monday: Random Monday Goodness--Links and videos of weird stuff I've run across lately.  Monday's are usually my toughest days to write.

Tuesday: I have absolutely no idea.

Wednesday: Three Word Wednesday. It's a pretty cool meme that I've been meaning of taking full advantage of, but just keep putting it off.  I was also thinking of highlighting my favorites from the last week.

Thursday: Another blank.

Friday: Fiction Friday?  I was wanting to have a day where I post part of something I've written or a flash fiction piece.  But I've noticed that I don't get a whole lot of response on those types of pieces.  What do you think?

Saturday: Wannabe Writer's Day.  If you've followed me for long at all, you know I probably stick to this more than anything.  It's a great support group for those of us wanting to get published.

Are there memes/themes that you use in your blogging?  Do you find them helpful or harmful?

Also, my husband has started his own meme, inspired by Wannabe Writers.  It's the Monday Weigh In.  We're looking to find a group of people who are also struggling with weight/health issues.  Check out his or my posting for this week.  It's a bit nerve-wracking, but very cathartic and helpful, too.


Allison said...

Don't feel like you have to blog everyday. I would just pick a couple that you feel you can keep up with and do those, and don't force yourself to blog everyday just for the sake of blogging.

I do a few weekly things and they don't really help me that much (except my weekly playlists) - I find more people respond when I just write something out of the blue.

Unknown said...

i guess if the memes inspire you, go for it. but forcing yourself to blog every day isn't good, either. just post when you have good content

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I've never been able to stick to themes, altho I know a lot of blogs that do it and it seems to work for them. I agree that blogging daily can give you burn out. But really, it's your blog and you can do what you want with it! That's the joy of it!

Witless Exposition said...

I think I might do a blending, keep up with the established memes from other's sites, and then just try to do my own thing.

I guess it's just another case of writer's insecurity kicking in again. Plus it is nice to have a routine to fall back on. :)

Anonymous said...

I know with Flash Fiction Friday, you could easily just tag it, as well as do a twitter thing for it (do you tweet?) and you'd probably get more hits on those at least, since Flash Fiction Friday is a pretty big thing now.

Unknown said...

i love your ideas, especially mondays...hey what can i say I'm all random anyway! if you can't think of a theme for tuesdays or thursdays you can do one of several things: (1) not blog at all (2) ask your bloggers what entries/themes could be on tue/thurs (3) post random thoughts (4) post a loyal followers blog info or an entry from their blog (4) post a blog entry from someone you follow. Hope all this helps!

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Jennifer Louise said...

I don't really do themes for my posts...unless you count madness as a theme, in which case it would be. Hahah.

Witless Exposition said...

Thanks, Ambiguous! I hadn't thought about the Twitter memes, etc. I have a Twitter account, just still figuring out the ins and outs of it.

Rita, thanks for the ideas, I'll have to check out your different pages. How do you keep up with all that? :)

Jen, thanks for stopping by! I understand what you mean about madness as an overall theme. "We all go a little mad sometimes." Crap, what movie is that? Ahh! Off to google!

Stoodert said...

You could try "Six Word Story" Sundays - it was originally a dare someone challenged Ernest Hemingway to write (a story using only six words) but now it's kind of a game? Good for poetry & I think it also helps you keep concise.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You don't have to blog every day. I post every other day and never lack for subjects.

Witless Exposition said...

Stoodert, I love Hemingway's story. He's the only person I know that can get that much sadness into six words.

Alex, I think every other day would just about be perfect. I know I have something to write about on the 20th. I signed up for your Blogfest!

Anonymous said...

I think coming up with something to write about every day is tough! I have to remind myself to skip a day if there's nothing to say - I don't want blogging to become a chore!

Arlee Bird said...

Hello! Stopping by from KarenG's BBQ. Ok, ok--so I'm late. Things have been just totally getting out of hand since that weekend.
Had to add my voice on this topic. I've been blogging daily for a year now. I started themed blogging into my second month and continued ever since. I think it works really great.

The daily themes make it easier for me to think up topics and keeps things fresh. Also, followers know what to expect on which days and tend to come back for favorites.

Good luck!

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