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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crusade Challenge Lie Revealed!

I have to say that while I entered into this challenge with some reluctance, it really was a lot of fun.  And while I was sure that everyone would guess my lie, it turns out that only one person came close, although she chose my hypochondria as her final answer.

Yes, Aimee L Salter was so close!  My lie was laughing out loud at a windbag professor in class.

While I've laughed inwardly at lots of self-important academics, I've managed to refrain myself from letting that creep into my face.

But what about the rest, you say?  Surely it's to crazy to all be true?  Nope, it's all true, if somewhat exaggerated a bit.

1. Cinderella costume: Yes, I did pretend to be the put upon princess while doing chores. And I did wrap my hair in a bandanna and such to heighten the experience, but I only did this around family and friends that were almost family. So luckily I never embarrassed them in front of complete strangers, just those that knew I was a

2. Toy desecration: I would in fact hang my Barbie's for various acts of villainy. What's interesting is that my father would make me nooses our of shoelaces for my games. What can I say, my family really encourages imagination! And don't worry, any blades that came into play were always plastic ones. Even as a child I was paranoid of hurting myself. Which leads into:

3. My hypochondria: We can blame Charlie Brown for my first onset of this. I watched a special where Snoopy runs away and gets taken in by a girl that has Leukemia. When Charlie meets her he asks her about the disease and she assures him it's not catching. She just has to take lots of medicine and be careful because it makes her bruise easily. I've always bruised easily, so for quite some time, I held the secret burden from my parents that I was dying of Leukemia (I had also seen enough St. Jude's commercials to know it was a bigger deal than the cartoon had made it). After a couple of months went by and I was still alive, I decided I must be ok. Those diseases listed are just a small section of what I've self-diagnosed. Just let me say that watching House is a delicate affair in our house.

4. The Peabody: Yes, I have stayed there.  It was part of a wonderful 6th anniversary trip that my husband planned. It was as wonderful as I had hoped and loved every minute.  If you're ever in Memphis, make sure to stop by and see the parade of ducks to the fountain. It really is a sight to see!


J.L. Campbell said...

I didn't guess the lie correctly, but it was fun reading your post.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The Peabody! Now that was a treat.

Jess said...

The Peabody looks pretty neat!

Adina West said...

LOL, I know a person or two who suffers from hypochondria! As for the rest...sounds like lots of these posts are showing us that truth really is stranger than fiction. :-)

Summer Ross said...

The Peabody looks cool!

Lorraine said...

Hey wife, I miss your face!

Also, I used to have a cousin who burned the boobs off of barbies to make Kens. Talk about imagination.

Congrats on being a successful liar! ;)


Unknown said...

I've actually laughed out loud at a professor before....So that didn't surprise me as being true!

Here's an award for you!

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