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Friday, April 15, 2011

A to Z Challenge: Movies: If I wrote the screenplay

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Whoops!  I accidentally posted this yesterday.  Sorry if you've already read it!


I'm not 100% sure if this really fits into my geeky theme for the month, but I thought I'd go ahead with it.

I'm usually pretty good with figuring out the plot of Movies as I watch them.  But there are times that the movie diverges away from my plan.  Sometimes it's good, but in other cases, I prefer my ending.

So I thought I'd debut my new feature "If I wrote the screenplay" with a movie the husband and I saw this past weekend: Insidious.

General Plotline: A young and growing family starts to notice strange things in their new house.  When their young son enters a strange coma-like state, the strangeness hits new heights.  They move to a new house, but soon find that the spirits have followed them.  They soon find out that it's not their house that is haunted; it's their son.

Warning, Warning, Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

No Really, I'm about to give away the twist of the movie.

Where I'm picking up: After consulting with a paranormal expert, Josh and Renai find out their son is an expert Astral Projector, whose soul has lost track of his body. Evil spirits and demons want to take over his physical body. They find out that Dalton has inherited his skill from his dad, who was also a Traveler when he was a child, and was haunted by an old woman.  Josh must now enter "The Further" and fight off demons to help his son return to his body.

My Version: When Josh enters the spirit version of their house where Dalton is being held captive, he sees several glimpses of the old woman (In the first real movie glimpse, it looks like she's in a wedding dress).  He finds his son, who is being tortured by the demon.

While Josh and the demon battle, he notices that the old woman is hovering near his son.  She is releasing the chains while Josh fights the demon.  Just when Josh is about to lose, the old woman, who is still heavily veiled) steps in between them and with a bright flash of light, pushes the demon back.

She grabs Josh and Dalton by the hand and takes them away.  They have to fight off lesser spirits along the way.  When they reach the end of "The Further" the old woman says she will hold off the spirits while they escape.  Josh recognizes her voice and pulls her veil away.  It is his wife.

Flashback to real-movie scenes, where Dalton tells his mom that she's old, and Josh's mom tells him he was haunted by an old woman.

Josh finds out that the old woman is also in the real world, living as his wife in a body she hijacked years before.  Now, Josh is faced with the dilemma of letting his wife continue to do what the spirits wanted to do to his son or continuing the happy life he has.

Not sure where the rest of "my movie" would that point, the movie had gone down a boring and predictable road, so my predictions were down the drain.

So what about you?  Do you ever re-write movies in your head?  Are your versions better?


Tere Kirkland said...

I totally rewrote the last three episodes of LOST in my head. Does that count? ;)

Trisha said...

This reminds me of a fantasy book series I read as a young teen - I HATED the ending, as two of my fave characters died. So I just pretended it never happened, and wrote heaps of what I now recognise as fanfiction :D

KM Nalle said...

That sounds like an interesting film! I hate it when I enjoy a movie but hate the ending.

Stopping by on the A-Z Challenge.

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