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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A to Z Challenge: Z is for Zombies

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So, even if a few of my posts have been a little late, I've managed to make it all the way through!

I feel a bit like I'm cheating, but I actually have a pretty jam-packed weekend ahead of me, so this is going to be a bit short and sweet.

If you weren't aware, there's currently a revitalization of Zombies lately.  They seem to be everywhere.  So I thought I'd narrow down the field a little and share some of my favorite zombie-themed stuff.

  • Shaun of the Dead--A great tongue-in-cheek take on zombies (sorry, not supposed to use the zed word.) that is at times hilarious, touching, and quite scary.  The Queen "Don't stop me now" montage is one of my favorite scenes.
  • Dawn of the Dead--The remake was my first venture into the new, faster zombie.  And from the creepy zombie girl in the beginning, to the last fateful scene, it's not a movie for the weak at heart.
  • Night of the Living Dead--The original George Romero film is still one that any zombie aficionado needs to check out.  It has lost some of it's terror levels through the passing of time, but still his best.  (Ignore anything he's made in recent years, they keep getting worse and worse.)
  • 28 Days Later--A pretty brutal and visceral movie that once again stars fast zombies.  (Although some have debated if there are really zombies in the movie, it has all the conventions of one, so I count it.)  Watch out for the creepiest performance Christopher Eccleston has ever given.
  • The Walking Dead--Both a comic series and a new AMC series. Both are chilling and wonderful, but don't worry, they're both so different from each other (different characters die, or don't; whole plotlines are rearranged, and the gore of zombies is explored in different manners) that you can enjoy one or both without compromising either one.  
I'm sure if you're already a zombie fan, none of these are new to you.  Hopefully if you're not, some of these might change your mind (if you're scared of gore, The Walking Dead is probably your safest bet).

Congratulations to all of my fellow bloggers that have made it through the challenge!


Laurie Peel, CRA-RP said...

Found you through the A-Z challenge - better late than never - and am now following you. My blog is at please drop by for a visit and if you do be sure to leave a comment. Thanks!

Trisha said...

Personally, I can't go past "Shaun of the Dead". :)

Unknown said...

Zombieland is another excellent choice for a zombie movie. Not quite as funny as Shaun of the Dead, but there's a little extra gore/tension that replaces it.

Coreene Callahan said...

Yikes. . .I'm a total cliche when it comes to horror movies. They scare me! lol

Car Title Loans said...

My favorite zombie was the one from Hocus Pocus. How can you resist someone who keeps losing his head and tells off a witch at the end of the movie?

Wanton Redhead Writing said...

Made it through with you, although I cheated too.

Shaun of the Dead, a masterpiece, my son picked up a few girls claiming he was named after it. (No, I don't think he cared at all that they were too dumb to notice he was too old to be named prior to the release.)

Lorraine said...

I'm with Bear on Zombieland. Really enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the pilot episdoe of The Walking Dead, but really thought it went downhill from there as far as entertainment. *shrug*


M Pax said...

Congrats on getting through the challenge. :D It was fun, but exhausting.

Shannon Lawrence said...

I've never been much of a zombie person, but I'm enjoying the funny/scary trend and I've liked the movies you listed, as well as Zombieland and the Resident Evil movies. That little girl at the beginning of Dawn of the Dead had my husband and I wanting to lock our bedroom doors at night!

Tina @ Life is Good
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Shannon @ The Warrior Muse

Anonymous said...

If you get a chance, check out a fellow writer's zombie story and help me make him wear an embarrassing shirt next year! Details are here:

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