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Friday, April 16, 2010

Baby Steps and Small Victories

I finally am starting to feel like this whole writing thing is becoming real.  And I'm really excited about it.  Here's a breakdown of my week.

Let downs:
  • I had a short story rejected from an anthology.  I really expected it, though, because it has a kid as a protagonist and the anthology is aimed at adults.
  • My music piece got rejected from Splinter Generation.
Good parts:
  • My rejection e-mail from Splinter Generation was really encouraging.  They said they really liked my writing, but the topic wasn't quite right.  They encouraged me to keep submitting other pieces to them. 
  • I got accepted as a contributing writer to Frequency Magazine.  It's a non-paying gig, but I'm really excited about it.
  • For Frequency, I'm doing a piece on The Wind Whistles (I linked a video of theirs a couple of weeks ago), and I'm getting to do an interview with them for it!
  • I've sold two more articles to Associated content, and am waiting to hear about another one.  So, I've got about $6.99 from them. (Not much, I know, but it's still good to me!)
  • I sold an essay to  They paid me $50.  Right now it feels too good to be true, and I keep waiting for some kind of error message from my paypal account. 
 I'm really excited about the direction all of this is taking.  I really do feel good about taking charge of this part of my life.

If you guys don't mind, please check out my Associated Content stuff.  If you and 999 friends click on a link I get $1.50.  :-)

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