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Saturday, May 1, 2010

What I've Noticed During Script Frenzy

10.One hundred pages of script isn't as much as you think it is.
9. That person that already has 60 pages by the first weekend, you know they're lying.
8. You start paying a lot more attention to how cuts and transitions are handled in movies.
7. Constantly checking how many pages you've written in the last three minutes is a waste of time.
6. Coffee flavored ice cream is a great jump start to your morning.
5. You will constantly check how many pages you've written in the last three minutes, and hate yourself for doing it.
4. You will write amazing one-liners that flop when read out loud and awful lines that get a laugh.
3. You start thinking "That isn't how I would have done it." while watching movies/TV
2. Page 80 is about twenty times harder to write than page eight.
1. Deadlines are your friends.


Anonymous said...

LOL @ Deadlines are your friends. And it's so true!

Stoodert said...

Deadlines are the friends who nag at you. :-p

Chelsea said...

Deadlines make the world go round!

Witless Exposition said...

We writers definitely have a love/hate thing going on with deadlines!

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