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Monday, June 28, 2010

Bloggerstock: The story of what is on your desk.

It's that time of the month again!  No, not that.  It's Bloggerstock time!

I'm really excited to host Kara from Crayons and Cylons for this month.  A fellow, self-professed Geek, you can find everything from sci-fi eye candy (on Wednesdays, ladies), a bacon brownie recipe, to the dangers of being too smart for school administrators (sad, but true).

Always funny, thoughtful, and a healthy helping of Geek, here's Kara's tale of her desk:

It's that time, ladies and gents! Time for the June edition of Bloggerstock. What is Bloggerstock, you ask? It's like a really big blog swap. It takes a group of bloggers and creates a blog-ring all focusing on the same topic, this month, "The story of what's on your 'desk'" If you follow the links today, you should be able to gain exposure to a wide variety of blogs, some of which you may never have read before.  You should check out what BooyaBobby has to say on my blog today.

Desk? I don't need no stinking desk! If this were the school year, I could write about an actual desk, but as I'm at home, I don't have a desk. I have a lap. And a MacBook. My poor MacBook is about 3 years old now, has cracks in the wrist rest, is still running OSX Tiger and has traveled quite extensively with me. Can your computer say it's been to the ancient city of Rome? :) Most of the time I use my computer on the couch in the living room, so I consider that to be my "desk".

An advantage to my "desk" is that my awesome dog, Kaiser, gets to snuggle with me whenever I'm playing or working. In addition to my computer, what else is usually found around me when I'm working?

I always have books I'm currently reading or planning on reading lying around the house, and since I usually read on the couch during the day, my books are usually on the couch. this one is the second in the Heir Chronicles Trilogy by Cinda Williams Chima. They're fun urban fantasy, similar to Clare's Mortal Instruments, but without the otherworldy creatures. Just humans. Oh, and the ever-present beverage. Today's choice is Diet Mountain Dew. That's because I'd already finished my pitcher of sweet tea and wasn't motivated enough to make another one.

If I'm on the computer for surfing, reading or blogging, I usually also have the TV on, so I need the DISH remote. If I'm not watching satellite, then I might be watching something streaming from Netflix through the Wii, and then I need the Wiimote. Right now I'm on a Buffy Season 4 marathon. And sadly I can't make any of the remotes truly "universal" so I need the real TV remote to change inputs... The curse of too many remotes!

Finally, the everpresent box of tissues. I sadly go through about a box of tissues every two or so weeks. My sinuses produce way more snot than is ever necessary. I blame my severe allergy to the grass that's pretty much everywhere in the suburbs. Oh, and mold and mildew. But those aren't really around in the summer, thank gods!

I hope that those of you who also use less traditional "desks" such as your kitchen table, your lap, the toilet, or the local coffee shop (but hopefully not the toilet at the local coffee shop) especially enjoy this shout-out to those who don't need a desk! :) But, seriously, those of you with real desks are cool, too. I mean, the Hubs uses a desk, and he's awesome!

Thanks so much to Witless Exposition for allowing me to ramble and post random pictures on her blog today! She's pretty much awesome! A former English teacher just like me! (I'm moving to Science in the fall!!) And she's quite the writer. :)

Aww! Thanks for the kind words, Kara! If you're interested in my interpretation of a workspace (or lack thereof) check out my post at Lindsay's blog Undomestic Chica 

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