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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My day at the airport: urges and sightings

So the hubby and I are flying out to see his sister graduate. In a heightened sense of self-importance I am keeping a running record of the day.

The alarm goes off.  Ugh!  Not even God is up this early.  I let the dogs out and write a way-too-long OCD note for our friends that are dog/house sitting.


I feel a strong urge to put my gum up my husband's nose. He wasn't being a jerk. I just felt like it would be funny. And it would have been.  If he had let me.

We saw one of the Spurs players in the airport, the one that looks like Patrick Ewing. He looked down and smiled at me as he walked by. My squeeze said it was because I'm so munchkin like, and pointed out that my head is at butt level for the player.

Found out our gate was changed due to a delay in the previous flight. Made a mad dash to the right gate. Saw a woman that looks like Sweet Dee from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Can't find the name of the player we saw. Beginning to think that our intelligence is faulty. Woman yelling "Go spurs!" at the guy could have been drunk. Checking the Mavs lineup.

Not a Mav either. starting to get obsessed. Also worried I might be having a seizure because I got a huge whiff of playdoh, but none is around. Will have to expand on my hypochondria at another time.

Gate changed again.

Check out the second stage of my epic journey here.

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