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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Airport, pt 2: The Quest for a Gate

Here's part two of my epic day at three different airports. Check out the first leg of the journey here.

We keep being told five more minutes. Lots of grumbling everytime. Crowd's now getting restless. Gate Guy says "I'm telling the truth!" Over the speaker

Start boarding. Behind Sweet Dee. Hubby wonders if it would be an insult to tell her. I try to explain (quietly) why it would be insulting.  Not sure if he ever got it 100%

Flight attendant gets slightly bitchy with my husband about loading two bags in overhead. Then is OK when I say one's mine.

Yeah! A baby in the row in front of us. This is going to be a great flight!

Maybe it won't be so bad. He's laughing and being cute.

Now he's making demon noises. Not a good sign. Being told to turn off electronics for takeoff.  Not sure how I feel about the idea that one lone cellphone can bring down a whole plane.  Surely we've come far enough that it doesn't screw with the plane? I hope.

Turned phone back on. We've been stuck on the runway all this time because of weather delays. Just cloudy here, which makes it harder to be patient.  Just told it should be 20-30 minutes before we take off. Ugh.

Took off a little faster than they said.

Beverage cart going around. No free snacks. Bummer. Also limited amount of pay snacks. Hopefully no ones sugar gets low. I think tempers might still be on edge. Roughly two hours behind schedule.

Tried hard not to cry over the book I'm reading (Anne of the Island)

Pulled what I thought was a loose eyebrow hair on hubby. Still attached.

Wasn't hungry before bev service. Now that I know the paid snacks are all gone, I'm quickly becomming ravenous.

The baby is possessed. Pretty sure it is. But it's pretty cute. A happy demon maybe?

I'm smelling things again.

The couple in front of me are now arguing. Have a feeling it's related to the smell.

Now can overhear, the mom wants the dad to change the diaper. He doesn't want to.

I decide to go to the bathroom while they sort this one out. First time ever peeing in an airplane. Do people still have sex in these things? How?

5:10- finally landed!

5:15- we're stopped on the tarmac. What the hell?

5:20-the pilot just came on and told us there's another plane at our gate and we have to wait for them to move.

5:21-there will be blood.

5:55-finally at the gate, now waiting to get off the plane.

After what has roughly been a ten hour flight, we reach our destination. Surprisingly everyone kept their tempers in line.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I seem to be hearing all these crazy airport stories. Makes me a little skeptical of booking any vacations which require flights.

Witless Exposition said...

I usually don't mind it too much, but this was just a bad chain of events. I blame Los Angeles, because the plane that was taking up our original gate was from there. It's always nice to blame someone.

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