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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wannabe Writers #38

Wannabe Writer is an online group for the un-published, aspiring writer.  For more information, check out Sarah's blog Confessions of the Un-Published.

Where I am in the writing process:
Still just the same old, same old.  I haven't published anything for Associated Content for a while, but I'm hoping to have some time and write a couple more quicky articles. 

I've just about given up on finding publishing sources online.  Every one I find that I think would be a good fit seems to fold or not pay.  I'm to the point where I don't mind some little things being published without pay (like my current Taking Liberty serial), but I really would like to get some more paying gigs.  I haven't heard back from the places that I submitted my stories to before, so this week I'm going to try and make time to go to the library and find the current Writer's Market.

I've actually started picking back my current WIP, I've written about 1000 words this week.  And I'm starting on my outline for my novel for NaNoWriMo, which starts up soon.

My current problem:
Getting back into the groove of writing again.  I know that I need to really start getting ramped up for WriMo.  So I'm trying to get my word count up over the next couple of weeks before I have to switch over to the new book.

My question this week:
Have any of you taken part in NaNoWriMo?  What tips or hints do you think would be useful?


Hayley said...

I've done NaNoWriMo 3 or 4 times...I've only "won" once, but the other times I got in about 30,000 words, which isn't something to sneeze at, IMO. The third week is the hardest. That's when you kind of lose steam, or, if you're behind in your word count, that's when it starts to look impossible.

I pretty much dropped all of my NaNo projects as soon as the month was over, but I was looking over one recently and might bring it back into daylight sometime in the future. My problem is that in my heart I feel like I'm the type that needs to write by the seat of my pants and feel the story out as I go, but I've found that I'm terrible at plotting unless I at least sit down and plan something out, even if it isn't a full outline. I think my past NaNo novels lost steam because the story went nowhere, and I was trying so hard to get the words out I never stopped to figure out where the story was actually going.

So I guess my advice is this: either A)treat NaNo like an awesome but long writing exercise, just having fun and not worrying about churning out something beautiful, or B) if you're anything like me, outline (or plan or whatever) beforehand. Which you say you're already doing, so I guess that's that :)

the Tsaritsa said...

I may try out NaNo next month, though I've never done it before. I guess I should start figuring out a strategy.

Witless Exposition said...

Thanks Hayley for the great advice! I think I'm leaning toward the writing exercise. I have some ideas floating around in my head, but nothing that excites me the way my current WIP does.

Tsaritsa, come on and join up! The more the merrier!

CollegiateDown said...

I love doing Nanowrimo, unfortunately I have yet to win. The best advice I could say is to write your novel by hand and then type it into the computer regularly for word count and submission purposes. The ideas seem to flow better that way for me. I'm trying to convince one of my friends to do it, I feel like I'm so close to her having an account. What's your username? I'll have to look you up.

Witless Exposition said...

I have a hard time of writing by hand, my brain tends to move faster than my hand can. I do like to use pen and paper to brainstorm and outline by hand.

My username is the same as on blogger, Witless Exposition. Look forward to hearing from you!

Miranda Hardy said...

This will be my first year participating. I am hoping to learn a lot from the experience. Good luck with your outline.

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