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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3WW-Taking LIberty Part 9

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I never thought that this experiment would go this far, and I'm not sure how much further I'm going to take it.  I feel like I'm just really starting to get started.  Hopefully I'm wise enough to know when I've reached the end of the story.

Thank you all for sticking with me this far, and welcome to any new readers. If you're new, I'd recommend checking out the Taking Liberty page to catch up on what's been happening.  I've been really surprised and greatly humbled by the kind words all of you have said.

Let's see if you're still with me after today.  The words for today are a bit of a conundrum today: clutch, delight, happy

The rest of the ceremony went by in a blur to me.  I think there was a song or two, and then Liberty's aunt said a few words. 

However, I could feel Liberty listening intently, clutching at every word. I felt awful, like an eavesdropper, listening in on her terrible roller coaster of emotions.  I wanted to do something, make some gesture, but what do you do for someone at their own funeral?


I was saying goodbye to Dena, the tentative, tear filled goodbye that accompanies any funeral, when I heard Liberty's voice speak up.

"I want to go home.  I want to see my mom, she wasn't here."

I watched Dena walk away, and then turned,searching the parking lot for my car.  Seeing it several spaces back, I started walking to it.

"I want to go home!" Liberty shouted in my ear, loud enough to freeze my steps and make me cringe.

"I heard you." I whispered, "I'm just not sure it's the best idea."

"I don't care what you think.  I want to see my mom, see what was so important that she didn't show up."

I unlocked the car and sat in the seat.  I had two choices: take her of my own free will or fight her for control of my body and go anyway. Wasn't much of a choice after all.

Liberty was so highly strung that it was bleeding over to me, and my hands were starting to shake as I followed her directions to a scrubby little trailer on the far end of town.  It was on a small plot of land that was overgrown, climbing roses covered the ground, and flowers overflowed their beds.

I could feel Liberty's nerves settle into a steely silence as I picked my way across the yard and knocked on the door.  I could hear a rustling inside.

"So what now?" I asked Liberty in the confines of my head.  I was getting better at this, and it almost felt natural now.

A woman opened the door about a foot.  She was painfully skinny, but beautiful in a fragile way.  Liberty clearly got her beautiful black hair from her mother.  The woman reeked of liquor. 

Slowly a childlike, delighted smile flooded her face.

She flung the door open and cried in a happy voice, "Liberty, you've come home!"

Ok.  Now I officially have no idea where this is going.


Julie Jordan Scott said...

ohhhh... I loved the end. And who says one must know where one is going? I love love love this one!

Read my 3ww here.

G.K. Asante said...

Who cares where it ends up, as long as you keep it going!

Anonymous said...

Agreed; you'll know where it's going once you get there. =]

Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

I'm not going to give you any hint or help. You know exactly where to go. The ending set it up.

Witless Exposition said...

Thanks for the votes of confidence guys!

faith said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with next time. I thought you did a nice job of working in the prompt words.

KK Brees said...

Prompts are fun to get the juices flowing. Not to worry about where they take you. Throw away the itinerary and go wandering!

ms pie said...

oh this is good very good! loved the little detail about the roses and flowers overflowing in an old trailer park.. itz not all crackheads and the end of the road.. '..I was getting better at this, and it almost felt natural now..." that completely made way for the end seems so "natural"

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