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Friday, April 8, 2011

Crusader Group Feature: E.C. Smith from E.C.'s Ramblings

Most of you know by now that I'm part of Rachael Harrie's Platform Building Crusade.  Part of the crusade is that we're grouped with other authors that share the same genre.

I've been placed in Group 17 Horror/Urban fantasy.  So for the next few weeks, when there's not a Crusader challenge going, I'll be posting a feature with one of the group members.

Today you'll be meeting E.C. Smith from E.C.'s Ramblings, a fellow writer who is not afraid to share some great tips about writing and the craft.  She also shares tidbits of her life, and comes up with great analogies (laundry as a battle, oh yeah, I've been there).  Check out what she has to say for herself:

When did you start writing?
I was always really into storytelling as a kid (the around the kitchen table or campfire kind), but my love for writing really came on line when I was thirteen. My grade 9 English teacher asked the class to write a poem about anything we wanted. Oh, boy, did I ever love her for that one! From then on I never went anywhere without a pen and notepad to scribble in.

Where would you say you are as a writer?

Well, in terms of craft I'd like to say I'm better! Wouldn't we all? I love writing so much that I work very hard at it. I enjoy learning new things, especially when it will improve my writing and storytelling skills.

And I'm happy to say, I have an amazing literary agent, Christine Whitthohn of Book Cents Literary. I'm so jazzed to be a part of her team. She is fabulous! So, I'm in a really good place right now on the business end of things.

What’s your strongest writing genre? Do you often write in it? Why or why not?
I write in a couple of different genres--urban fantasy and paranormal historical romance. I know, I know. . .but I just can’t decide! I love them both, and the genres are more alike than people think. Each have huge world building components, so there isn’t much I write that doesn’t include magic. I tried to write without a magical element in my last book, but oops, by chapter two I had all kinds of magic going on. It just sneaks in there whether I plan to let it or not!

Quick, what are five of your favorite words!?!
I’m DYING to buy that! (oh, that an editor will utter those words! lol.)

In 10 words or less, sum up your current work in progress.
An almost extinct species is saved by an unlikely ally.

How would you describe your end goal as a writer?
First and foremost? To the keep the joy that brings me to the page everyday. And then? I’d love to be published and connect with readers who enjoy the same kinds of stories I love to read and write.

What do you need to have before you can start writing?

My computer (but I’ll settle for a pen and paper) and a little elbow room. Really, I’m not picky. . .that's all it takes. If I have those things, I’m good to go.


Donna Cummings said...

E.C., I love your five favorite words. LOL I want to hear that too! I'll keep my fingers crossed that your "magical words" will make it happen soon. :)

Linda Poitevin said...

Hey, E.C.! Congrats on the first blog interview -- and a great one it is, too! Your WIP sounds intriguing...looking forward to hearing more about it. :)

Anita Clenney said...

Great blog, E.C. Hope it all comes together for you soon. With Christine at your back, you've got an excellent chance.

Coreene Callahan said...

Hey, thanks guys! So fun to do an interview (it's my first ever), so it's great to be here.

And a big thanks to Witless Exposition for taking the time to set up the questions and conduct the interview on her blog! *Big wave* and shout out to you!

Happy weekend all!

Clarissa Southwick said...

Great interview, E.C.My favorite part was the advice to 'keep the joy'.It's so easy to get caught up in the business side of writing. Luckily, we have Christine to keep use joyful. Best of luck with your novel.

M Pax said...

Nice interview :)

Marilyn Sue Shank said...

Congrats on your first interview! I'm hoping you hear those five words soon! Lucky editor who utters them! ;-)


Chris Phillips said...

I learned a lot about e.c.

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