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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A to Z Challenge: Ferguson, Craig

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If you don't know who Craig Ferguson is, shame on you!  He first came to most people's attention as the English boss on Drew Carey. 

Then he got the Late Late Show gig after David Letterman. (Don't worry, if you can't stay up late enough, like me, you can catch each episode the next day on this YouTube channel).

He's also written two books, which I highly recommend. I reviewed his biography American on Purpose, and plan on reviewing his novel, Between the Bridge and the River after the challenge.

So, instead of me raving about how great he is, and basically showing off just how nerdy I am, I thought I'd just share some clips and let him take over. Some of the clips are fairly long, but give them a go, he's hard to package in sound bites.


Cherie Reich said...

I love watching Craig Ferguson, but I rarely get the time to watch him late night, of course. He's awesome.

Lana D said...

I ADORE Craig Ferguson! I can't stay up late enough, so I am grateful for the technology of DVR! I get up an watch his show first thing in the morning!

Anne K Albert said...

He's brilliant and a long time fav. Thanks for today's laugh!!

Unknown said...

I'ma da Pope...I'ma da Pepo!!!

kjmckendry said...

He's great. Thanks for this.

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