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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A to Z Challenge: My love/hate relationship with the X-Men

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First off, I do have to declare something in the name of honesty.  I really have never read the X-Men comics.  My first and closest interaction with them was the great animated show from the 90s. 

My dad and I would watch it every Saturday morning.  Which is why I think I have such a soft spot for the series and for Stan Lee (I smile whenever I hear him say "Hello, true believers!").

I have been told that the series did a good job of covering the series, and in fact stuck very close to the comics.  That's the love part.

And now comes the hate.

I hate, I mean, really, truly and deeply hate the movies they've made based on the X-Men.  They took what was a great group of characters and by changing some pretty important character traits, made it almost unrecognizable.  The worst offender is the last one.


Why would you turn Phoenix, one of the best and most powerful characters in the series into a psychosis of Jean Grey?

And how on Earth would Wolverine be able to overpower her?  In short, he wouldn't.

And why did she kill everyone?

And why did they turn Xavier into a liar, who did pretty despicable things to Jean in the name of "protecting her"?

However, Magneto was still really awesome.

Ok, the rant's over.

So it's with great trepidation that I'm actually looking forward to the new X-Men movie, X-Men: First Class.  I like that it's a reboot, so we don't have to live will all the awful crap that they've done to it (and they might actually get someone who can kick ass to be Storm, now).

I'm really excited that we're going to see the split between Xavier and Magneto.  They're friendship and arch enemy status has always been one of the dichotomies I really enjoy about the series.

And it doesn't help that I think the two main actors are dreamy.

But you tell me, what do you think about it from the trailer?


Trisha said...

I was never into the comics, or even the cartoon. I like the movies though...not because of Hugh Jackman at all. Noooo.....

Lorraine said...

I'm a sucker for movies based on comic books, even though I was never cool enough to actually read the comics. So, even though I'm a bit soured on X-men as a whole, I will still go watch this movie.



Elizabeth Twist said...

I am tentatively excited about the reboot. I was into the cartoon a bit, liked the first two movies but not the third one. Don't get me started on that Wolverine crap.

I dig James McAvoy and I hope they don't screw this up.

Anonymous said...

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Car Title Loans said...

I am really excited to see the movie. Although, in Hollywood's prequel past, it could be a total flop if they weren't careful with the character development. I'm interested in the plot line, but also a little hesitant. But then again- I do love some great history (time-era) and action movies!

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