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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Postcrossing 1

I first heard about Postcrossing from Allison at My Quarter-life Crisis. If you're unfamiliar with Postcrossing, it's a huge community of people worldwide that trade postcards.  You can even take the option to do exchanges or become pen-pals. It basically works so that for every post card you send you get one back.  Here's my first stash of cards:

This cut-out card from Amsterdam comes form Juliana. She likes photography and rock music.  The first card I received.

This view of Taiwan comes from Liao, a retired mother of five.  Since retirement she's gotten to spend lots of time traveling.  She got to go to Bali last year.

The stamps on Liao's card were as beautiful as the view.  Made me sad to think of the boring stamps on my outgoing cards.

This card comes from Sjef from the Netherlands.  This card really made me long for the beach.  It's shots of Waddenzee, the smallest island north of Holland.  There are no cars allowed, only bicycles.  Looks beautiful (and I bet it's a lot cooler than the beaches I'm used to).


Aparna said...

Loved the idea...but how did you start...

I am not much of a traveller so do you think it will work still?

Witless Exposition said...

Just follow the link for Postcrossing in the post today and sign up for an account. It's free and easy. Then you can request an address and send your postcard.

I don't do much traveling, either. So far, it seems that people just send postcards about the area they live in or send just a pretty card.

People mostly just talk about themselves and their area. It's a lot of fun waiting for the next card!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am really glad to discover this. great job!

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