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Monday, July 12, 2010

Wool or a desk set?

So according to, since it's the Husband's and my seventh anniversary, I can expect wool, copper, or a desk set as an acceptable present.  I feel kinda cheated, because last year's gift was supposed to be candy.  Or iron.

Really? How did they come up with these lists?

Anyway, I thought I would spend a couple of days this week reflecting on the past seven years of marriage.  I promise to try not to get too mushy.  Today's just a photo collection of some of my favorite pictures from the big day.

Cousin T looking at the disaster that was our car
Our first dance to "Grow Old with You" from The Wedding Singer
Cutting our cake.  We had red velvet.
We had a really small wedding party, but it was sooo much better that way.
Our formal portrait a few weeks after the event.
Dad wishing me luck. :)
Our first kiss as man and wife.

That wasn't too mushy, huh?  Sometimes pictures do tell the best story, anyway.


Jamie Council said...

So sweet! Congrats you guys!!!!

Margaret said...

Aw, I love SCAdian weddings. :-) Or Renn Faire. Or whichever flavor of re-enacting inspired your wedding.

You looked lovely!

Witless Exposition said...

Awww, thanks!

The H and I both wanted something unique, and we're both dorks of the Nth degree, so we latched onto the idea. It was kind of all DIY, and only later did I realize most SCA members would have had a stroke at the historical inaccuracies. :)

It was super fun, though, and I love the responses I get to the pictures. Everything from "That's soo cool!" to "That's (long pause) interesting."

Margaret said...

Haha, SCA folks talk a lot more than they walk, for example: I'm pretty sure Camel Lights aren't period.


Witless Exposition said...

:) True! I guess I just spent too much time looking at SCA sites before & after the wedding. They tend to me a bit more demanding online than in real life, I think.

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