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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tips for your wedding day

There's all sorts of list out there of things to do (or not do) your wedding day.  I thought I'd put in my two cents with what the Husband and I learned on our big day.

  1. You will forget something.  Try not to panic. For me, it was getting my nails done.  I ended up painting my nails with some fast-dry polish in a neutral shade an hour or so before the big event. 
  2. Your dress and accessories will probably be out to kill you (or at least embarrass you). My snood (the white thing on my head) slipped off every time I tried to kiss the Husband. He's roughly a foot taller than me.
  3. If you want to, see your intended before the ceremony.  I was pins and needles that morning, but I settled down with a short chat with my honey before everyone started getting there.  I did make sure that I was still in my slip though.  He didn't see the dress until I walked down the aisle, because that was the important part for me.
  4. Have walkie-talkies.  The ceremony started late, but no one thought to tell the groom.  He was convinced I had run away screaming, never to return.
  5. On that note, remember, someone will be late.  Whether it's an important guest, part of the wedding party, or the photographer, someone will make the ceremony start late.
  6. Choose short songs and readings for the ceremony.  Everything seems 100x longer on the day than in any rehearsal.
  7. Make sure you eat, but not anything with red sauce. My maid of honor fixed a plate for me otherwise I probably would have bottomed out.  But I didn't think about the baked ziti, and it landed on the center of my dress.  Luckily it was small enough that it didn't get into any of the pictures. 
  8. Yes, it is all about you.  Even in the planning stages remember, this is your day and you're allowed to have whatever will make you happy.  Be prepared to argue for it, but it'll make the day all the more yours.
  9. But, some things aren't worth fighting over.  We had very clear ideas what we wanted the ceremony to be like.  The reception menu, on the other hand, we could care less about.  So we left that up to others that really wanted to help us make decisions.
  10. Take a deep breath, enjoy the little moments, and take lots of pictures.  Because you probably won't remember most of it.

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    Anonymous said...

    Just from watching all the weddings at work, I've started compiling my list of things not to do and to do. Haha.

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