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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wannabe Writer #25

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Where I am in the writing process: 
Well, I'm five days deep into the 50k in 50 day challenge (so far I'm at 5174 words).  I've also been blogging a lot more regularly, and I submitted a story for publication.  My Associated Content articles are generating pretty steady (if low) numbers every day. I'm starting to feel like an actual writer!

My current problem:
I finished my first chapter pretty quickly.  It was a lot of fun to write (although it made me realize I won't be able to let all my family read it if when it gets published).  The second chapter is going a lot more slowly.  A problem with my writing is I don't always give the setting justice.  My novel is set in New Orleans, a city I love and have visited often, and I want to make it seem real to others.  But I feel like I'm getting bogged down in describing the setting.  Also, I have the novel outlined, but only vaguely, with the big scenes.  The little scenes getting from one section to the other are pretty difficult.

This week's question:
How do you balance exposition and description with action?


Miranda Hardy said...

Keep up the good work! It's great you are keeping up with the challenge. Have a great week!

Amanda said...

Ooh good luck with your submission!

I tend not to describe things very much. I describe when there's been a lot of dialogue and I want to break it up a bit, or I throw in tiny bits of description at one time. A book's good to have low spots, a place for the reader to rest, and I find description helps with that.

Witless Exposition said...

@J.L. Thanks! You, too!

@Amanda My fingers are crossed! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I like the idea of having low spots. I'll try to think of it that way.

Elizabeth Briggs said...

Congrats on all that writing you are doing! And I think you can always add in more setting in the next draft. Just get down what you can now and keep the momentum going.

Witless Exposition said...

Momentum is such an important part of the process! I had no idea until I started this challenge.

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