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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A few down, a lot more to go!

Completed objectives:
  1. Open an Etsy account.  After trying to come up with a clever title tied to crafting, I gave up after the third one was already taken and used my blog title.  So far I've got no items up, but I plan on putting up a few.  It'll mostly be crochet toys, scarves, hats, with some random cross stitch and paper crafts thrown in for good measure.
  2. Cancel my cable.  Ok, this one I kind of fudged on.  I wanted to cancel cable because the Husband and I rarely ever watch it, and I hated to see all that money go to waste.  So when we called, they had a special one year "Please, please, please, don't leave us" package that allowed us to keep our current cable and a higher level of internet for much cheaper than what we were paying now.
  3. Outline a novel.  
  4. Start following a comic book.  I talked about this more here.
  5. Follow through the substitute teaching process. 
  6. Finish five things form this list in a month.  Yeah, it kinda felt like cheating, but I have a serious issue with follow through, so it was a good motivator, especially here at the beginning.

Halfway done or more:
  1. Create a care package for Marine Corps Kids.  So far I have three toys and a hat made.  I want to make two or three more hats.  I'll post pictures when I'm ready to send it off.
  2. Read a book every week for a month. This is going to become a lot tougher for the rest of the month, because I have family coming in and out.  I should be able to steal some time here and there, though.
  3. Find a new TV show to watch. Now that it's summer and everything's reruns and Lost is gone, I need another show I can watch.  Currently I'm trying out Stargate SG1 (has ten seasons on Hulu) and Wire in the Blood (via Netflix).  I'm really liking both and will probably end up following both.
  4. Post every day for a month.  I kinda cheated on this one, too.  I didn't actually start posting daily this month, but I had several days where I posted a couple of things, so I still have 18 posts for July.  For me, it's good enough.
  5. Send 10 postcards through Postcrossing.  I sent out several this week, so hopefully I'll be getting several in the mail in the next couple of weeks.

So far I'm feeling really good about my list.  I think having this list is going to help me feel more active, too.  Whenever I get bored or find some free time that I would usually just waste, I have something to shoot for.

Have you started a list?  How are you doing with it?


Allison said...

I added your Etsy Shop to my favourites - even though you don't have anything for sale yet.

Witless Exposition said...

Thanks! I'll have to add your shop too. I've been eying some things on it already! :)

Sadako said...

ww, that is one cute dog!

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