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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A to Z Challenge: British TV

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I think my obsession with British TV started when I lived in Northeast Texas, you know, the part with nothing for 100s of miles?

Yeah, that's where I grew up.

So one of the few TV stations we had was PBS.  Most of the time once it got past 3pm, I had no desire to watch it, but during the membership drives, my parents and I would sit around and watch Fawlty Towers, Are you being served?, and other miscellaneous shows that I can't remember anymore.

So now the years have passed, but my obsession with British accents and figuring out exactly why they make fun of Wales so much is still high on my list.

If you catch me watching live TV, 80% of the time it's BBC America.  And the Husband better watch out, because I think it's catching.

Here are some of the shows that I've fallen in love with recently:

1. Doctor Who. This show has been enjoying some real success here in the states lately.  If you want a breakdown as to why this Sci-Fi show is one you should be watching, check out my breakdown here.

2. Top Gear-What other show would turn vehicles into boats and then try and race around a lake?

3. The Graham Norton show-A great late night show that tried to make it here in the states, but failed.  Not one for the kiddies.

4. An Idiot Abroad-Shown here in the states on the Science Channel. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant have sent their friend around the world to exotic locations. With the intent of making him as uncomfortable as possible.


Misha Gerrick said...

I love British Tele.

In particular, Faulty Towers, My Family, QI and Top Gear.


Anonymous said...

An Idiot Abroad is pretty popula here. I loved Monty Python and Bennie Hill. Watching these show on late night TV was great!

Jan Morrison said...

I like British television too. Especially Dr. Who and that cop show with whatshername? Oh great. Hmmm...nope, nothing there - the cerebral lunchbox has been looted.
Jan Morrison

mshatch said...

I love Top Gear. Those guys rock!

Rebecca Bradley said...

Doctor Who is a fantastic programme! From a following British blogger :)

Laura said...

I love love love Top Gear. And the English make fun of the welsh simply because they're jealous of us! :)
Thanks for the fun read - diolch yn fawr

Sarah Allen said...

Total Dr. Who/David Tennant fan here :) Great post! British TV is fantastic. It's given us some great things like Hugh Laurie, Rowan Atkinson, Hugh Laurie, Ricky Gervais, Hugh Laurie...

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Ella said...

I love "Being Human" and Ricky Gervais is a hoot! My son and I were just talking about "Doctor Who".

Fun post~

Li said...

I live in the sticks, so don't get BBC. But PBS runs a few, and I bought DVDs of some great old series like Dad's Army, To the Manor Born, and Fools and Horses. love them all.

Olivia said...

Oh this brings back nostalgic memories of living abroad in London. It is where I fell in love with British Television. I learned that Big Brother UK is entertaining and sketch show Little Britain is hilarious! Furthermore, I learned that the U.S. needs to stay away attempting to remake British fare and stick with SNL schtick.
Can't wait to continue reading your alphabet of musings!

Noemi said...

Oh My hubby and I loved to watch Top Gear while were living in the UK, and also a talk show presented by Jonathan Ross. He was fantastic!

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