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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Geeky Girl Tuesday: Let's Kill Hitler

I thought with my inaugural post for Geeky Girl Tuesday, I would start off with what is one of my geekiest obsessions, but also one of the most successful blog topics: Doctor Who.

The newest season of Doctor Who returned after a summer hiatus this Saturday with the brand new episode "Let's Kill Hitler."

While trying to keep away from spoilers and reviewing the episode in general (there are more than enough more qualified people than I doing this out there on the web), I really thought this episode deserved a little spotlight on my blog.  This episode was a great example of why I think Doctor Who has really taken off in America under the current writing of Steven Moffat.

  1.  An episode that can stand on its own two feet, but also involves the greater story arc of the season. (One of my major problems with the finales under Russell T. Davies' stint: they all just came out of nowhere).
  2. Lots and lots of humor, but also some pretty strong emotions.  From putting Hitler into a cupboard to the near death of a main character, this episode had both sides of the spectrum.
  3. Amy and Rory, who are quickly climbing the list of favorite companions.
  4. Payoffs.  You have to give it to Moffat for giving us lots of little payoffs along the way in this season.  From the big reveal before the hiatus, to some pretty big moments in this episode, we're getting pieces to the puzzle all along the way.
If you're a Doctor Who fan, I'd like to hear what you think about how this season is going.  Do you like the big twists we're seeing along the way? 

If you're not a fan, check out episodes on Netflix or Amazon Prime and see what you're missing.  I promise your geeky side will thank you.


the Tsaritsa said...

When I lived in England a lot of my friends there really loved Dr. Who. I've never seen it, but I should probably check it out. I like following a good series.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I don't watch the show, but Tennent was great in the Fright Night remake!

Chris Kelworth said...

Hi again! I'm a huge NewWho fan, and I've been loving this season so far, even though it's been a bit twistier than I'm comfy with - but some of the best stuff happens when you're not comfy.

One of my favorite things is that before it's halfway through, EVERYBODY has forgotten that Hitler's still shut up in the cupboard, and they never come back for him.

And yes, Amy and Rory do very well together as companions, don't they? I'm looking forward to the rest of the season, and hope that they're back next year.

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