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Thursday, September 15, 2011

3WW-Taking Liberty Part 21

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Do you get the feeling we're in the home stretch on this?  I do.  I have to admit there are times that it's very hard to restrain myself to sticking to this schedule.  I might have to include some bonus entries here soon.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out my Taking Liberty page for links to all the parts of the story, and a quick summary if you're short for time.

When we last left the girls, Liberty had just asserted more . . . control over Elizabeth.

"No, Liberty!  You can't do this to me." I screamed, pushing myself backwards off the wall.  Echoing through my bones, I heard the crash of a door slamming shut.

I collided with James, his eyes even bigger than before.


I pushed my hands against his mouth, cutting off the name.  I could already feel her stirring inside, and I wasn't sure if his voice would summon her or not.  My knees were starting to shake and my hands were trembling as I slowly eased them off of James.

"Don't say it."  I said, leaning back against the wall.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

Somewhere deep inside my mind, I could feel her squirming, wondering what was going on.  I thought about the door I had heard.  As I remembered the noise, I could see a large oak door in my mind.  There were boards nailed across it and even a padlock or two.

She was behind that door. The door I had made.  The knob rattled, and I could hear her banging on the other side, but she was in there.  And I had done it.

For now, I was free of her.

I opened my eyes and looked at James.  He was gaping at me, arms limp at the sides.

"Your hair, your eyes, they're. . . different again."

I looked at the mirror behind me.  I looked like my normal self again.  A more exhausted version, but myself.  Turning, I tried to find the strength to look James in the eye.

"I might have omitted a few things about our . . . relationship." I said.

Crap!  I guess next week will be the moment of truth.  I have to figure out how James will handle the big reveal.  I'm glad Elizabeth is taking control, even if it might be just for now.

And I bet Liberty will be pissed when she finds a way out from behind that door.
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