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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Plug day!

So in between my grief group and a doctor's appointment, I haven't gotten a whole lot of time to write today.  After dinner (which my dear husband is cooking for me as we speak) I plan on getting down to business on A Window to the Gift.

Just a short post today with updates and plugs for upcoming events.

  • As of posting this, I have 3880 words in my manuscript.  That's a record for the most I've ever written in one day.  I doubt I can keep that pace up, but I'm still pretty stoked about it.  Feel free to buddy me if you're taking part in NaNo.
  • The Small Packages blogfest posting day is just two weeks away!  Put your thinking caps on for this month's theme: 
    • In honor of Thanksgiving, and the beginning of a long line of colonists screwing over Native Americans, post about a time that you took advantage of someone. Or if you don't want to be that revealing about your darker side, write about a time that someone took advantage of you.
  • The husband has a great contest going on his blog.  Show off your Inappropriate sense of humor and maybe win a free T-shirt!  Check out his ever growing Cafe Press shop, too!
  • Make sure to check back tomorrow for the latest installment of Taking Liberty, my 3WW inspired serial story.
  •  Prepare yourself for support-less support at Blogging Blobs, a new cooperative blog I'm a part of.


Unknown said...

Shameless spousal plugs...I love it. Thanks dear.

Anonymous said...

3880 words in one day? Holy cow, that's awesome. Keep up the good work!

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